Unique Birthday Gifts Miami Florida

You can become a Scentsy consultant for less than a $100 start up fee.

Earning up to 30% commissions every month on products sold at home parties or online parties will help you make money from home.

I can give you advice on starting a small business by being a Scentsy consultant and holding home parties to show off our product line.

People love to invite friends on Facebook to buy our Scentsy products when they hold an online party.

For candles without wicks that are safer and have more fragrance, try our Scentsy wickless candles and warmers.

Friends and family who own a cottage or a lakefront home would probably enjoy being gifted with our beach beauty glass fushion lamp.

You may not know that a radiometer is a device that can measure the flux or power of electromagnetic radiation.

We offer many beautiful sand pictures that would make a great gift for someone going off to college.

We offer many items to help you decorate your home on the inside and your outdoor areas where you and your family relax.

The type of liquid in the Galilean thermometer is not important for the function of the thermometer.

If you are thinking of decorating your walls with something unique, check out our line of beautiful deco panels.

Some people love the scent of lemon and cedar while others love a calming essential oil blend.

I can help show you how to make the most from hosting a party and help if you decide to be a Scentsy consultant yourself.

If you want a gift that is classic, you can choose a ship in a bottle with either white ships or gold ships.

You can improve the softness of your clothes with our clothing conditioner that smells wonderful.