Unique Birthday Gifts Miami Florida

Fill your home with unique and beautifully designed items from our site, such as a Galileo Thermometer for your office and a stainless steel gazing chain for your patio.

The best candles you can buy are not candles at all but wickless candle warmers with the scent of your choice.

One of the nicest things about our Scentsy independent consultant program is that you will be selling a consumable product that people will buy over and over again.

Although the liquid in the Galileo thermometer could be liquid mercury, it could also be water dyed with food coloring.

The low light candle warmer light bulb in our Scentsy warmer will last a long time.

You can become a Scentsy consultant for less than a $100 start up fee.

Earning up to 30% commissions every month on products sold at home parties or online parties will help you make money from home.

I can give you advice on starting a small business by being a Scentsy consultant and holding home parties to show off our product line.

People love to invite friends on Facebook to buy our Scentsy products when they hold an online party.

For candles without wicks that are safer and have more fragrance, try our Scentsy wickless candles and warmers.