Indianapolis Sand Timers

Updated: 2/24/2017 3:39:39 AM

We believe an excellent gift idea for your boss would be a kaleidoscope, and we offer two very unique styles.

Updated: 2/23/2017 7:23:15 PM

We offer a beautiful scrolling pattern screen cutout that will give your room a custom decorated look. If you need a gift for someone whom you believe has everything, you can get some refreshing gift ideas by shopping at our online gift store.

Updated: 2/19/2017 6:42:59 PM

When you are looking for a great gift for a gardening friend, you might want to consider a hanging outdoor thermometer.

Updated: 2/16/2017

If you own a business and purchase gifts for your employees, you could let them browse our site and choose a gift item in the price range of your choice.

Updated: 2/15/2017

If your children don't know what to buy for your birthday or a holiday, you could point them to our site and give them some suggestions. If you are a businessman that needs a large amount of client gifts, your list will be checked off quickly when you visit our site.

Updated: 2/14/2017

The main purpose of a radiometer is to detect and measure radiant energy. People seem to be intrigued with items that are created using the animals that they love, so keep that in mind when you shop.

Updated: 2/13/2017

When you need to shop for a gift and just don't know what to buy, you can take your time browsing through our site for some great ideas. When you have a beautiful rotating globe, you can teach your children where all of their relatives live across the world.

Updated: 2/12/2017

When you shop at our site, we know you will find unique gifts that are offered at excellent prices.

Updated: 2/11/2017

Teen or college age students will enjoy receiving one of our sand pendulums or sand pictures as a special gift.

Updated: 2/10/2017

Our kaleidoscopes are well designed, and the styles are unique so that even the most difficult to buy for person will be sure to love receiving one.

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