Indianapolis Sand Timers

Natural and essential oils are very popular ways to help your home feel fresh and clean at all times.

Natural and essential oil blends will infuse your home with beautiful natural fragrances.

Sand pendulums make awesome gifts for so many people on your list, as both young and old enjoy watching the pendulum swing to create a special pattern in the sand.

Another name that people call a radiometer is a light meter, since it has parts that are moving because of light and heat.

Starting a home based business is easy when you have an experienced leader helping you.

The name gazing chains bring thoughts of a peaceful, calm, and relaxing afternoon in your garden.

Flameless scented candles without wicks make great gifts for graduation, birthdays and all holidays.

Electric candle warmers with light bulbs and beautiful scents make wonderful gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

You can choose different scents for all of your different bathrooms or have a special deodorizer for each member of the family.

For those who would enjoy a career as a Scentsy consultant, please call and talk with me.