Fort Worth Kaleidoscopes

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We have a beautiful deco panel that is designed with black birds and has an option of adding your favorite photos to the built in photo frames.

We offer both large and small sized Bali gardens that are unique in style and color schemes.

We have a large selection of colors for our glass sand timers, so you may have a difficult time choosing the one you love the best.

Our new Scentsy car bars are very popular and will last in your car for up to 30 days to give you the scent of your choice.

If you want a gift that is classic, you can choose a ship in a bottle with either white ships or gold ships.

Fuse glass artists use a technique that joins glass pieces by partially melting the glass at a high temperature.

Our stainless steel gazing chains can be ordered with just a few glass spheres, or you may order one with up to 16 spheres.

If you enjoy candles, then you may be interested in one of our Bali gardens with candle holders built right into them.