Fort Worth Kaleidoscopes

Starting a home based business generally costs a lot of money, but not when you work with Scentsy.

Visit our website and see some of our stunning pieces that make excellent 25th anniversary gifts.

The weathered leather Scentsy car bar is very popular with the men, while the French lavender car bar is popular with the women.

The bulbs that are inside a Galilean thermometer are generally hand blown glass bulbs that have been sealed.

Whether you love tulips, butterflies, or dragonflies, you will find a glass fusion lamp with a pattern you will enjoy.

If you enjoy candles, then you may be interested in one of our Bali gardens with candle holders built right into them.

The low light candle warmer light bulb in our Scentsy warmer will last a long time.

Putting a Scentsy car bar in your car will keep it smelling fresh and clean for you.

Using Scentsy products for fundraising for your church or school is a great way to sell more products.

Marketing wickless candles is easy because people buy candles all the time and they love our wax melting containers.